Educational Webinars

As part of our ongoing commitment to help inform and inspire the coaching community we are delighted to share these recordings of our past series of educational webinars aimed at providing insightful discussions around the area of athlete monitoring. Scroll down to see recent recordings. You can view more information on our panelists here.


Metrifit talks to the coaches: Sean Machak

In this webinar Sean Machak provides insight and discussion around his experience as an exercise scientist, musician and mentor. Currently, he is the Laboratory Supervisor for Seattle University’s Sport and Exercise Science (SPEX) undergraduate program and his specific research interest lies in exercise physiology.


Metrifit talks to the coaches: Derek Bol

In this webinar Derek Bol, Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Valparaiso athletics Crusader men’s basketball, softball and men’s tennis teams chats to Dr. Cian O’Neill, Head of Dept. of Sport, Leisure & Childhood Studies at Cork Institute of Technology about the benefits of using Metrifit for athlete monitoring at Valparaiso University.


Metrifit talks to the coaches: Kevin Schultz

In this webinar Kevin Schultz, Director of Olympic Strength & Conditioning at the University of Wisconsin provides insight and discussion around his experience coaching focusing on athlete well-being, use of Session-RPE, communication and feedback, engaging with your athletes and how it works at the University of Wisconsin.


The Brain Always Wins

In this webinar Dr. John P. Sullivan provides insight and discussion around his recent book The Brain Always Wins

Train Smarter and harder

In this webinar Tim Gabbett provides insight and discussion around his research and talks about ‘Training Smarter and harder’

The world of athlete monitoring – what’s important and where is it going

In this webinar Bill Besselman discusses his learnings and experiences from his time as Vice President of Connected Fitness with Under Armour.

Athlete monitoring – Insights from Erik Helland

In this webinar Erik Helland discusses the key components of an efficient strength training program and his approach to athlete monitoring.

The importance of athlete monitoring and practical implementation of digital monitoring systems

In this webinar Brian Clarke, Head Strength and Conditioning Co-ordinator, Noblesville High School, IN shares valuable insight from his experiences.

About Metrifit

Metrifit is an athlete monitoring system that gathers subjective and objective information from both coaches and athletes to drive behavior modification and improvement through insights modeled on descriptive and predictive analytics. It sounds complicated but Metrifit prides itself on its simple intuitive interface and advocates a simple effective approach that doesn’t overwhelm the athlete or the coaching/staff member. It has received high praise for its intuitive interface and it allows monitoring to be scaled for all levels of athletes and teams. Recent research by Anna Saw (Deakin University, Australia) has shown that use of Metrifit is associated with increased athlete sporting self-confidence
Metrifit provides a perfect platform for athlete monitoring and development and collects data over multiple modules ensuring that all aspects of the athlete are taken into consideration. Our ethos is ‘simple but effective’ and our suite of products are parameter driven and easily customisable and configurable for different clients as required. Metrifit is ‘athlete-centric’ helping to develop self-awareness, encourage creative thinking and emotional intelligence as well as developing ownership and responsibility within the athlete for their own success.

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