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Recovery can be defined as the time required for the body to repair damage inflicted on it through training or competition
“The body is allowed to adapt to the stress associated with exercise, replenishes muscle glycogen (energy stores) and provides time for the body tissue to repair”

Kris Swartzendruber

What is recovery?
Why is it necessary
Essential elements of Rest & Recovery
Recovery methods & techniques


Importance of Recovery

Ensuring athletes are prepared in the most optimal condition to perform is a huge challenge for coaches and athletes alike. In order to continue to perform at the highest-level athletes must be able to balance stress (training and general life) with recovery. A failure to do so can firstly result in under recovery (and a subsequent reduction in performance), before turning to non-functional overreaching, overtraining and ultimately overtraining syndrome where the risk of athlete burnout , as well as the risk of injury and illness are raised. There are many recovery techniques that an athlete can use in order to place themselves in the best condition for the training and competitive bouts to come. Unsurprisingly, the pillars of recovery have never changed: sleep, nutrition, and load management.

How Metrifit can help

Successful change is about small steps in the right direction rather than giant leaps forward. By monitoring these areas, coaches can help manage the 24-hour athlete and have a positive effect on athletic performance. Research on relationships between athlete workloads, injury, and performance has highlighted the benefits of athlete monitoring.

Introducing monitoring tools may serve as a means to reduce the detrimental effects of stress and other lifestyle factors in athletes. Regardless of what monitoring tool or application you decide to use for your athletes and team, it is crucial that you understand why you are monitoring and how you are going to use the data to inform your decision making process.

Metrifit CEO Peter Larkin introduces himself and Metrifit in this short video. Peter outlines some of the main features of Metrifit and explains why it can help you and your team get ready to perform.

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