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Metrifit offers an innovative, affordable athlete monitoring solution that has a strong focus on well-being. In this short video, we explain how Metrifit works for both the athlete and the coach.

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What our clients are saying

  • Metrifit has been a great asset in helping guide the numerous decisions we make on a daily basis, that have a direct impact on our athletes well-being and progress.The platform is extremely user friendly and the reports and analytics that reflect the data collected daily, can be catered to what you are most specifically curious to know about the athletes both individually and collectively
    Aaron MansfieldAaron MansfieldHead Coach, LMU Lions
  • When COVID altered college athletics as we knew it, Metrifit came to the rescue. This intuitive athlete monitoring, health and well-being system provides the athlete, coach, and sports medicine staff a way to monitor and balance the physical, emotional, health and well-being of our athlete’s. Metrifit provided that calm in the middle of the perfect storm for our entire athletic department for the future. Thank you to the entire Metrifit family for assisting our department with a seamless process.
    Jennifer McIntoshJennifer McIntoshHead Athletic Trainer, Colorado School of Mines
  • Metrifit has allowed us to gain better insight on our athletes and their individual stress response to training and outside factors. This has helped us to make daily adjustments when necessary, to further enhance their development which has led to higher performance levels, faster recovery, and a reduction in injuries. The new lifestyle profiling survey has been an invaluable insight into the lifestyle habits of my athletes and has helped focus on key areas that can be improved, benefiting athletes on their performance journey.
    Dan RickabyDan RickabyAssistant S&C Coach, Men's Basketball, Tulane University


Daily insight into your athletes through our innovative wellness questionnaire



Understand the training responses of your athletes and help keep them injury free and ready to perform



Our Lifestyle Profiling survey helps you focus in on the lifestyle habits and stressors that are affecting athletic performance

DAILY WELLNESS provides daily insight into your athletes through our innovative wellness questionnaire.

SESSION RPE helps you understand the training responses of your athletes and helps to keep them injury free and ready to perform.

Our monthly LIFESTYLE PROFILING helps you to focus in on the lifestyle habits and stressors that may be affecting athletic performance.

You can see a detailed overview of the main functionality by clicking on ‘How it Works’ below.


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Metrifit: How it works

Metrifit helps coaches get to know their athletes, and helps athletes get ready to perform. It is a simple, intuitive...

Athlete LifeStyle Profiling

From sleep to peer pressure, there are a huge number of factors that form part of the daily lives of...


What our Clients are Saying…

Scientific References

The monitoring aspects behind Metrifit are based on solid scientific references that show the value of both subjective and objective...

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