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Metrifit – making health and well being a priority in performance

Our Founders Peter Larkin and Ann Bruen have a lifelong passion for sport and a fascination with putting technology to practical use. In 2010 Peter began combining the two passions, testing his theory that information about the ‘small picture’ of an athlete’s daily habits, could shape the ‘big picture’ – of game day performance.

What Peter developed was a simple, intuitive and effective approach to gathering and sharing that ‘small picture’, on a daily basis. Metrifit is a software product for mobile and PC that allows athletes to complete daily subjective well being questionnaires and information about their training and competition performance. Objective information like GPS variables, heart rate monitoring and test results can also be uploaded.

Research has given scientific backing to the value of both subjective and objective athlete monitoring and how vital this is becoming in keeping athletes injury free, motivated, healthy and performing at optimal levels. Metrifit helps Coaches get to know their athletes, and helps athletes get ready to perform. With the data gathered using Metrifit, Coaches gain actionable analytics, and can bring athlete health and well-being to the fore.

We have rolled out our software across Ireland, the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia/New Zealand and across multiple sports codes. You can read more about our clients on our clients and testimonial pages. Find out more about our approach on the Metrifit Overview page.

Metrifit Athlete Monitoring Software

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