Athlete LifeStyle Profiling

From sleep to peer pressure, there are a huge number of factors that form part of the daily lives of most athletes. Higher rates of mental distress, and an increase in sleep difficulties, anxiety and depression is common among student athletes. Education and guidance are essential to help athletes navigate their pathway to success and understand how they can improve key areas outside of specific skills training. Metrifit’s lifestyle profiling survey can help you assess the well-being of your team and highlight key issues to focus on. By educating athletes, we make them more self-sufficient. We give them the means to fine tune their bodies and minds toward achieving optimal performance on the playing field.


Backed by Science

Day to day lifestyle stress has a major influence on athletic performance and overall well-being. Coaches are only with an athlete for a small portion of their day or week. They need to be aware of the lifestyle habits and stressors that are affecting the performance and well-being of their athletes as small changes can have a significant impact during training and competition.
The 24hour athlete
Our new lifestyle profiling is available within the Metrifit Ready to Perform product or as a stand alone product. Developed with our Chief Research Advisor, Dr. Catherine Blake, Dean and Head of the School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sport Science at University College Dublin, our detailed lifestyle profiling survey makes use of a number of validated questionnaires as well as some bespoke questions on nutrition habits, training knowledge and health and well-being such as:-

  • sleep quality
  • sleep hygiene
  • sleep duration
  • stress
  • physical health
  • mental health
  • physical and mental fatigue
  • motivation
  • nutrition
  • mindfulness
  • relaxation
  • relationships
  • positivity
  • training
  • competition

There may be only a lot of minor adjustments to be made but together they all add up to effect real improvement in your team’s performance. Identifying issues and promoting behavioral change backed by evidence will give you a genuine physical and psychological competitive edge. With monthly use of the lifestyle profiling tool, you are asking your athletes to give less than 5 minutes of their time to complete a survey. The insight you receive will help you focus on key changes that will help you ensure not only the well-being of your athletes, but also improved performance for your team. 

Athlete report and feedback

The 24hour athlete
Metrifit Lifestyle Profiling is easy to use for the athlete. Once they are ready, they complete their profiling questionnaire (which takes about 5 minutes) and on completion they are provided with a dynamic multi-page report. This report includes easy to read visuals with scoring information as well as feedback on the different areas. Educational infographics and suggestions are included to help show how improvement can be made. We value the privacy of the athlete and individualized reports are private to each athlete. An athlete has the option to give permission to their coach(es) to view. The aim is to educate athletes to help them understand how lifestyle habits affect their performance and how to improve in areas that they are struggling with.

Metrifit Lifestyle Profiling

Coach Team Report

After your athletes have completed their survey a coach with administration rights can generate a profiling report for each applicable group. This report details summary information across the team for the key areas mentioned above. Information for each key area along with advice and areas to focus on is also included. This feedback can provide both athletes and coaches with invaluable information that can be used to educate and set goals/objectives to improve. The report includes collated information across the whole team, whilst protecting the individual athlete’s information. As a result, coaches are:-

  • more aware of how various lifestyle factors are affecting their athletes
  • able to education and communicate to promote change in key areas
  • creating an environment for improvement which ultimately leads to optimal performance

The summary page will show how different lifestyle stressors are affecting athletes using an easy to read traffic light system to clearly highlight any issues.

As well as summary information the coach will receive more detailed information for each area and some additional information on key questions in each area such as sleep as shown below.

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We recommend using the questionnaire monthly. Each month the report will be dynamic and provide new information based on latest research and recommendations for the key areas. Successful change is about small steps in the right direction rather than giant leaps forward. By monitoring these areas, coaches can help manage the 24-hour athlete and have a positive effect on athletic performance.

You can see more information in this Lifestyle Profiling Overview PDF. To find out more or request a free demo contact us at or click on the button below.


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