Metrifit: How it works


Metrifit helps coaches get to know their athletes, and helps athletes get ready to perform. It is a simple, intuitive and effective approach to monitoring looking at how the ‘small picture’ of an athlete’s daily habits, shapes the ‘big picture’ of match day performance. Metrifit prides itself on its user-friendly interface and advocates a simple effective approach that doesn’t overwhelm the athlete or the coaching/staff member. It is easy to implement, and the data is easily accessible ensuring that the coach can act on the information provided to improve both individuals and teams. Metrifit’s approach is simple, intuitive and effective.

How it works

We know how busy coaches and athletes are and we strive for simplicity that results in effective action. Key features of Metrifit include:-

   A mobile web app for ease of use for athletes – very little time is required from the athlete to input their daily well-being questionnaire and enter session RPE information after training/competition
   Focus on unique design to get input quickly and efficiently
   Easy to action traffic light visual reports for both athletes and coaches
   Ready to perform score based on analytical modelling
   Athlete profiling and overview of team health and well-being
   Seamless communication through our coaches corner, messaging and alerts system

Daily Well-Being

The 24 hour athlete
Coaches and staff are with their athletes for a small portion of the day or week and don’t always have insight into how their athletes spend the rest of their time; what issues are they coping with; how they are managing the demands placed on them; and if they are sleeping and fueling adequately. Metrifit’s daily wellness aims to address this area.

The athlete/player is prompted to log their daily body and mind questionnaire with key questions about their sleep quality and duration, mood, energy, stress, muscle soreness, nutrition and health. They use simple sliders and meaningful descriptors to help them enter this information easily while providing valuable information for coaches and staff.


This important input from athletes is collated and presented as easy to action traffic light report. This helps identify at risk athletes and any issues so that these can be acted on before they become a problem. This information also helps to promote authentic conversations and learning regarding sleep, stress, nutrition and other key factors that can prove immeasurable to both coaches and athletes. Our readiness to perform score (RTP score) encompasses subjective information such as sleep duration, muscle soreness, sleep quality, stress levels and other key performance variables. These are looked at altogether to create a score on the athlete’s current ability to train or compete at optimal levels.


Training Load Management

The RPE scale (Rate of Perceived Exertion) is a well-validated tool used to help coaches monitor training load. It is simple to implement and easy to understand and is highly valued as a subjective measure of an athlete’s effort during training and competition.

Metrifit Training Load Management

You don’t really know how your athletes are responding to training stimuli unless you have daily data and Metrifit provides an easy to use and highly effective means of finding this critical information. Monitoring your team’s rate of perceived exertion (RPE) helps you to understand how they are coping with the training you are prescribing and can help pinpoint areas that need more work and where you need to individualize training.

The RPE scale measures feelings of effort, strain, discomfort, and/or fatigue experienced during both aerobic and resistance training. The major advantage of the session-RPE method over other methods of quantifying session load is that it is simple to measure and easy to interpret, and proven to be highly effective when used in team sports (Coutts 2003). From the RPE scale, managers and coaches can tailor their sessions to suit the time of year and the requirements of the players – Training load can then be tailored and modified to suit. Being able to quantify training load benefits players in terms of avoiding burnout and chronic injury.

Communication and that all important Feedback

Metrifit’s communication modules provide an educational component to help you improve the coach-athlete dynamic and make information count by utilizing the data collected to inform your decision making and improve your communication and feedback.

Communication and Feedback

Feedback and communication in general are critical components to coaching. Feedback allows coaches to tell athletes how they are performing in relation to their expectations. Coaches can then instruct and teach their athletes how to reach these expectations and perform better. Metrifit makes use of several different areas to promote feedback and education. These communication areas help improve the coach-athlete dynamic and provide a convenient portal for communication and athlete education.

  • Coaches Corner: Our Coaches Corner provides an area where coaches and other staff can upload and categorize useful information for ease of access, education and organization.
  • Messages: Our messaging and forum areas allow for easy communication and relaying day to day instructions and advice.
  • Library: Metrifit makes use of several different areas to generate reports such as our report builder and our new lifestyle profiling survey. Each athlete has an individual library where theses are stored and allows for other information to be uploaded and categorized at an individual level.

Reports and Analytics

The importance of visualizing data is central to Metrifit’s approach. Our reports and analytics include simple but effective reports which make use of traffic lighting to highlight areas to focus on. This helps give meaning to the data that has been collated and helps you use it to make decisions and ‘know your athletes’.

Reports and Analytics

Our ‘Report Builder’ allows you to generate individual reports and feedback and provide as a PDF to your athletes with minimal effort. Our Analytics uses statistical functions and modelling to show deviations from normal behavior and provides detailed insights for each of your athletes.

NEW Lifestyle Profiling

Metrifit’s lifestyle profiling functionality provides invaluable insight into the well-being of your team with clear visuals that help you make informed decisions to prepare your athletes for optimal performance. This is invaluable to use at the start of the season to get a baseline of where your athletes are at in relation to their lifestyle habits and stressors and to help you focus on the key areas that have an impact on athletic performance. It can then be used on a monthly basis to track progress or whatever time frequency best suits your setup. You can see more on how this works on our Lifestyle Profiling section.

Lifestyle Profiling

Other modules

Additional modules available with the Metrifit product include:-

  • Injury and illness logging
  • Calendar – individual and team
  • Report Builder/Generator
  • Weekly Survey option
  • Import/Export Functionality
  • Built in help / FAQs
  • Ongoing Support
  • Female Cycle Tracking
  • Covid 19 tracking option


Setup is easy. We forward you a registration template which you complete, and we do everything else and provide introductory emails for you to pass on to your athletes. Vocabularies are customizable and branding is also an option. Visual help and frequently asked questions are included within the product and we have a Metrifit support/helpdesk for any technical issues. If you are introducing monitoring with your team for the first time, have a look at our recent blog which outlines some tips you should consider to help you get started.

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Monitoring player wellness helps you get the balance right between rest and recovery, freshness and fatigue. Training hard when it matters and easing off to prepare for optimal performance during competition is key to success. Data from Metrifit can help you make informed decisions and help to fine-tune this balance which can improve performance. Metrifit’s visualization of data allows for easy discussion between athletes, performance staff and medical teams and offers the potential to predict and avoid issues which could hamper performance. When teams are monitoring, they often collate metrics and logs separately and in isolation. This makes it difficult to gain the perspective coaches need to see the ‘big picture’ reducing capacity for pro-active implementation. Metrifit can help you bring all these elements together in the one place and prepare your team to perform its best.

Everyone has the will to win, it’s only those with the discipline to prepare that actually win
– Bobby Knight, NCAA Basketball Coach

See Metrifit in action in this short video where we explain how Metrifit works for both the athlete and the coach.

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