Metrifit Factsheet: Nutrition and the Athlete

Nutrition and the athlete


In order for an athlete to reach their peak performance one of the essential ingredients is proper nutrition. In much the same way that even a car in the best mechanical condition won’t go very far without the right quantity of quality fuel, an athlete’s body needs to be properly fueled if it is to perform at its peak

Getting the balance right
The 3Ts of Nutrition
Nutrition before and after exercise
Supplements and the athlete



Tips to Fuel for Athletic Performance

  • 1 – Meet energy requirements: Use one of the calorie calculator equations mentioned above to help you find your caloric maintenance. On rest days/recovery sessions/low intensity days energy requirements may be lower
  • 2 – Match carbohydrate intake to training demands: Consume more carbohydrates on days when training demands are high. On rest days/recovery sessions/low intensity days there is a reduced demand for carbohydrate
  • 3 – Ensure daily protein requirements are met: Currently, the research suggests that evenly distributed protein doses every 3-4 hours of 0.25 g of a high-quality protein per kg of body weight, or an absolute dose of 20–40 g is sufficient
  • 4 – Ensure minimal fat recommendations are met: Currently, the ACSM recommends fat intake for athletes should be between 20-35% of the diet, and should not decrease below 20%.

The food we eat impacts our strength, endurance, training, performance, recovery and well-being. In the words of exercise physiologist Professor Ron Maughan

The winners will, without doubt, be highly talented, highly trained and highly motivated. At one time that would have been enough. But these days it is highly likely that everyone in the race will have these qualities……where everyone else is equal, it is diet that will make the vital difference

About Metrifit

Metrifit’s approach not only covers the physical requirements of a particular sport but also helps the coach derive the benefits of other factors that have a significant influence on an athlete’s well-being: training, body, nutrition, mind, and sleep. Daily wellness questionnaires and Session RPE are just some of the modules included. Metrifit’s lifestyle profiling is scientifically supported and offers a practical way to assess and improve lifestyle strategy for your team. In this short video, we explain how Metrifit works for both the athlete and the coach.

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