Managing lifestyle stressors can improve performance

Our new lifestyle profiling functionality provides invaluable insight into the well-being of your team with clear visuals that help you make informed decisions to prepare your athletes for optimal performance.

A balanced healthy lifestyle is crucial for success. Coaches are only with an athlete for a small portion of their day or week and are often unaware of the lifestyle stressors that are affecting their athletes. Stress and anxiety levels have skyrocketed amidst a changing world for both athletes and coaches. Ensuring athletes are fit and healthy from both a physical and mental perspective is essential to allow performances to flourish.


The 24 Hour Athlete

It is important to ensure that your athletes are fit and healthy – both physically and mentally – and motivated to perform at their best. Trying to keep a close eye on the growing amount of detail required by today’s coach can be difficult and takes time and energy away from preparation and training. Where is the time to ‘know your athletes’ and understand the lifestyle stressors they are faced with on a day to day basis? With shorter seasons and uncertainty, due to the current pandemic, many teams may think that it is not worthwhile investing in an athlete monitoring tool; but monitoring, when done correctly, doesn’t take up more of your time, it actually saves you time and helps you focus in on issues and take actions that ultimately can make a difference to performance and more importantly the overall well-being of your athletes.

How it Works

The athlete completes their lifestyle profiling questionnaire and is provided with a dynamic multi-page report. This report includes easy to read visuals with scoring information as well as feedback on the different areas. Educational infographics and suggestions are included to help show how improvement can be made. The aim is to educate athletes to help them understand how lifestyle habits affect their performance and how to improve in areas that they are struggling with. Once your athletes have completed their monthly profiling survey, these can be collated and a detailed team overview for coaches can be generated. This includes collated information across the whole team, whilst protecting the individual athlete’s information.

Why you should use it

Multiple lifestyle factors can have a significant effect on athletic performance. Evaluating these is important to help each athlete reach their potential. An athlete who is not sleeping and is suffering from chronic stress is more likely to burnout and dropout than perform their best on the sports field. Early intervention identifying issues and educating athletes on how lifestyle stressors can affect their performance can reap immeasurable rewards. Metrifit’s profiling is scientifically supported and offers a practical way to assess and improve lifestyle strategy for your team.

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