Injury Prevention

FactSheet: Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

No matter what level of sport you participate in, the threat of injury is probably the greatest fear you have. Even the slightest niggle can severely disrupt your training schedule and prevent you from getting to peak fitness for the big event and there are many tales of athletes missing out on the big day altogether due to injury.

What are the most common sports injuries?
Avoiding overtraining
Tips for preventing injury
Acute:Chronic workload ratio (Tim Gabbett)
Benefits of monitoring to help prevent injury


Minimizing the risk of Injury

At the lowest level, sporting injuries can be nothing more than an inconvenience that keeps you out of action for a short period. However, at the other end of the scale there are the injuries that can be career-ending and even life-changing. At the elite level, injuries can see an athlete miss out on glory, and in a billion-dollar industry that is modern day sport, injuries to key individuals can have severe financial consequences for themselves along with clubs and franchises. As a result, it is not sufficient for sporting organizations to be merely in a position to wait and treat injuries when they arise. In the modern world being reactive is no longer the only solution as finding a way of reducing the risk of, or preventing injury has now become a huge part of sports science.

About Metrifit

Metrifit’s approach not only covers the physical requirements of a particular sport but also helps the coach derive the benefits of other factors that have a significant influence on an athlete’s well-being: training, body, nutrition, mind, and sleep. Daily wellness questionnaires and Session RPE are just some of the modules included. Metrifit’s lifestyle profiling is scientifically supported and offers a practical way to assess and improve lifestyle strategy for your team. In this short video, we explain how Metrifit works for both the athlete and the coach.

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