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This weeks #5onFriday takes a look at some interesting topics:-

  • Can an army of nutritionists really make a difference?
  • What can we do about the inactivity in our 4 – 12 year olds?
  • Pain Management for Elite Athletes
  • Balancing athletics and academics

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Beetroot and Coffee: Football’s Nutritional Sports Science
“Can an army of nutritionists and culinary experts really make a difference? Will the latest pills and potions improve a team’s performance? Or does none of this matter in the beautiful game if you’re genetically predestined to be a legend with the ball at your feet?” [Read more]


Reasons why our children are so inactive are so complex
Initial findings from a first ever national study of exercise levels among 2,000 primary school children aged from four to 12 in Ireland, indicates the country is heading towards a crisis in public health and fitness. [Read more]


IOC consensus statement on pain management in elite athletes
Pain management in the elite athlete should always follow principles of good medicine, be multidisciplinary and occur with the understanding that pain and injury are not the same. [Read more]


Balancing Swimming and Academics
Whether it is 6, 7, or 11 sessions per week (plus meets!), the 1-2 punch of school and swimming can be overwhelming for anyone who hasn’t taken a little bit of time to manage their time properly. [Read more]


American Footballer
Student Athlete Challenges
UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen ignited a controversy when he opined, in a wide-ranging interview with Matt Hayes of Bleacher Report last week, that “football and school don’t go together. [Read more]


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