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This week’s #5onFriday looks at articles that discuss the important issue of sleep optimization for athletes, how to maximize your iron intake, and a lovely story about the true spirit of sport. We hope you enjoy reading and that you #discovermore. Please feel free to share.

Sleep: How It Can Decrease Injury and Improve Performance.
Great article from Mick Hughes about the negative effects of poor sleep quality on injury, illness and sports performance. [Read more]


Performance in Heat
Why is performance in the heat decreased?
Leading Exercise Physiologist and Sports Nutritionist Asker Jeukendrup looks at the impact of environmental temperature and humidity on endurance performance. [Read more]


Iron Rich Foods
How you can optimize your iron intake
Ashley Reaver from InsideTracker looks at how you can optimize your iron intake to maximize its absorption. [Read more]


Sleeping Athlete
Can we both learn and unlearn while we sleep?
A new study suggests that we can. Both processes occur during different phases of sleep, the research shows. [Read more]


True spirit of sport evident in six-year-old’s joy
“Sport at its most pure, at its most beautiful, at its most perfect. A reminder of all it should be”. [Read more]


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