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An interesting selection in this week’s #5onFriday. The problem of overthinking in sport, high rate of drop out by girls in team sport as well as a study spanning 16 years that may call into question the sodium limits recommended by the current dietary guidelines. We hope you enjoy reading and that you #discovermore. Please feel free to share.

Don’t overthink it! just play! Calm down!
A neuroscientist and a kinesiology student scrutinized 60 baseball players’ brain activity minutes before they swung a bat and discovered something surprising. The more the athlete concentrated, the worse they performed. [Read more]


Subjective Measures
Subjective self-reported measures trump commonly used objective measures
Great infographic from Yann Le Meur looking at recent research from Anna Saw highlighting the benefits of subjective self-report measures. [Read more]


Wearable device
Can wearable devices actually discourage teenagers from exercising?
Researchers at Brunel University London found wearing a Fitbit for two months left teenagers feeling demotivated about physical activity rather than encouraging them to do more. [Read more]

Women in sport
Why are women dropping out of team sports?
Research proves that team sports have a direct and positive effect on self-confidence and mental wellbeing. Yet 1 in 2 young women give up team sports completely by the age of 13. [Read more]

Low-sodium diet might not lower blood pressure
A new study that followed more than 2,600 men and women for 16 years found that consuming less sodium wasn’t associated with lower blood pressure.
[Read more]


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