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Mental Health

When winners need help

Taking part in sport can be beneficial for physical health, and mental health. However, there are an increasing number of anecdotal and empirical reports suggesting elite athletes, like the rest of us, are vulnerable to an array of mental illnesses. Read more


Behind the Game Face is a Game Brain

In games where milliseconds matter, time can’t be wasted on decisions that divert power production the wrong way. SmartDrugSmarts podcast in interview with Dr. John P Sullivan regarding prepping the brains of elite performers. Read more


Monitoring Training Loads: The Past, the Present, and the Future

One of the realities of contemporary training monitoring is that the technological capabilities available for our use may provide us with so much information that “seeing the forest for the trees” becomes a very real problem for coaches. Read more


Preseason Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms and Prospective Injury Risk in Collegiate Athletes

A look at how preseason anxiety and depressive symptoms affect injury risk in collegiate athletes Read more


Injury Reduction Program Resources

Mick Hughes has compiled this useful list of resources for medical and high performance staff to help reduce injury risk in sport. Read more



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