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Are elite athletes healthy? What can the All Blacks teach athletes about mental vulnerability – just 2 of our #5onFriday selection this week. We hope you enjoy reading and that you #discovermore. Please feel free to share.

Elite Athletes

Are Elite Athletes healthy?

The best endurance athletes push their minds and bodies as far as humanly possible—a practice that might not actually be good for them. Brad Stulberg takes a closer look.


Soccer Academy

How clubs are toughening up young players

Old school training camps, mobile phone bans and psychology workshops are helping clubs to toughen up their academy players. Alec Fenn takes a look at how clubs are toughening up young players.


Female referee

The world of female soccer referees

Tim Nash takes a look inside the world of female soccer referees and Kris Bailey’s unique perspective and pioneering work to help make women more accepted as officials in the game.


All Blacks

Learning from the All Blacks

The All Blacks team is as strong in mental health as they are in physical: a culture of acknowledgement, disclosure and acceptance of vulnerability is actively encouraged from all players.



The importance of hydration for athletes

The importance of hydration for athletes can’t be overstated. Make sure your athletes take in enough water.


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