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This week our #5onFriday selection has some very interesting articles from information on blood flow restriction training to that all important issue of sleep. We hope you enjoy reading and that you #discovermore.


The Art and Science of Blood Flow Restriction Training

Dr. Christopher Brandner, Sports scientist and Strength and Conditioning coach at Aspire academy for sports excellence in Doha, Qatar talks to Freelap USA about Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training.


Compression Garments

Do compression sports clothes really improve performance?

A recent study funded by Nike appears to pour cold water on the supposed performance benefits of compression clothing. The Guardian takes a closer look.


Track athlete

In defense of laziness

The amount of time required for optimal recovery to occur is highly individualized, and is the result of a variety of different aspects. Craig Pickering via HMMRMedia takes a look at this in more detail.



Bring On the Exercise, Hold the Painkillers

Taking ibuprofen and related over-the-counter painkillers could have unintended and worrisome consequences for people who vigorously exercise. Gretchen Reynolds from the New York Times takes a closer look.


Sleep and Competition

Sleep and Competition

The final part on this great blog series on sleep and sport from Kevin Morgan and Luke Gupta. In this part they focus on sleep during competitions


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