Analytics and Research

Metrifit accumulates large volumes of data about an athlete over time as they record their daily wellbeing, activites and other information.  It can then use statistical methods to derive insights from this data, and assist coaches in drawing on those insights to shape decisions and, ultimately, improve performance.

Instead of looking backward to analyse “What happened?”, our analytics help coaches and athletes to answer the questions,

“What’s next?”
“What should we do about it?”.

Our statistical algorithms and data mining process will help uncover unknown patterns, opportunities and knowledge that in turn can optimize proactive decision making within an association on a team or individual basis.

  • Manage structured and unstructured high quality historical data
  • Build and apply analytical models that make use of this data
  • Use visualisation to inform decision makers
  • Gain competitive advantage through marginal but significant gains


Research Opportunities

Our strategic roadmap includes a strong focus on future development of our products through constant research and innovation.  If you are interested in a research partnership or have a research project that you think would be of interest to us please get in touch with us at .



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