Metrifit Overview

Metrifit is an athlete monitoring system that gathers subjective and objective information from both coaches and athletes to drive behavior modification and improvement through insights modeled on descriptive and predictive analytics. It sounds complicated but Metrifit prides itself on its simple intuitive interface and advocates a simple effective approach that doesn’t overwhelm the athlete or the coaching/staff member. It has received high praise for its intuitive interface and it allows monitoring to be scaled for all levels of athletes and teams. Recent research by Anna Saw (Deakin University, Australia) has shown that use of Metrifit is associated with increased athlete sporting self-confidence.
Metrifit caters for that fine balance between collating all relevant information without overloading the coaching staff and athletes therefore promoting ‘actionable intelligence’. This is backed up by sophisticated descriptive analytics and intelligent feedback alerting coaches and athletes to any changes in behavior that may otherwise go unnoticed. You can learn more by viewing our short video below and scrolling down to view other useful information.

Metrifit Ready to Perform (RTP)

Our “Ready to Perform” product aims to provide a starting point for athletes, coaches, associations who are new to the digital age of monitoring and sometimes feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of information that they have to digest.
You can find out more about how Metrifit Ready to Perform works by watching this short video.

Modules include:

  • Body & Mind Module
  • Messages Module
  • Optional separate Session RPE module
  • Optional injury/illness tracker
  • Optional Tests module
  • Coaches Corner Portal
  • Settings/Profile
  • Analytics/Reports

Coaches Reports include:

  • Daily Traffic Light Report based on input from athletes is available in real-time for coaches and staff and helps identify at risk athletes and any issues so that these can be acted on before they become a problem
  • Team Training Load Report detailing training loads and last 7 day averages
  • Analytics Reports highlighting deviations from norm and Acute:Chronic Workload ratio

Athlete Monitoring Traffic Light

We are very excited about the success of our latest product Metrifit Ready to Perform. This product is aimed at those who want to start monitoring their athletes but are prohibited by cost and complexity. It builds on the success of our Readiness to Train/Perform Algorithm and provides simple but effective visual reporting and analytics.

So what Are you waiting for? Get a FREE demo and experience what metrifit can do for your team!


Find out more:

You can now purchase Metrifit RTP online from $799 for up to 30 athletes.

Our Metrifit Gold and Elite products offer additional functionality and more detailed customization and consultancy. If you want to find out more about these products please email us at .