New software aids sporting elite in New Zealand

Metrifit Athlete Monitoring System

Lincoln university receiving Metrifit training

Lincoln University’s student athletes will now benefit from advanced analytic software as part of their Sports Scholarship programme.

The University has adopted the sports management programme, Metrifit. The software is used to gain a more in-depth and nuanced impression of an athlete’s ongoing development.

Metrifit is currently used by such sporting bodies as Crystal Palace Football Club, the Scottish and Welsh Football Associations, Swim Ireland, Tennessee Swimming and Diving, and Queen’s Sport at Queens University in Belfast.

By asking an athlete to regularly input data relating to such things as their training output, match performance, diet, physical and mental wellbeing, energy levels, muscle fatigue and sleep patterns, the monitoring system can then analyse and present this information in such a way as to give coaches extra insight into their athlete’s progress relative to their particular training programme.

From regularly gathering this information, a profile can be built up on the athlete concerning fitness levels, optimal training plans, nutritional requirements, and, importantly so, injury prevention or burnout.

“As well as measuring the more explicit things usually associated with athlete performance, a key objective for using Metrifit is to identify underlying or subtle behaviours that might compromise performance, which, if not managed correctly, could lead to training overload or injury,” says Lincoln University’s Athletic Performance Manager, Richard Deuchrass.

“Metrifit won’t just help with optimising our Sports Scholarship students’ athletic performance, though. It will assist us in helping them get the balance right between their sporting activities and academic studies,” says Richard. “We’re trying to build resourcefulness and character in our students for life, not just the sports field.”

“By using Metrifit we hope to be able to give out Sports Scholarship students the best possible advantage in their sporting endeavours. To my knowledge we are the only university in New Zealand using this kind of advanced technology,” he said.

Article courtesy of Lincoln University